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 Florence Roca, who also goes by the artist name of

Fleur d’Huytesa

is a French artist who enjoys playing with color, lines, shapes and textures.  With strong French and Japanese influences, she has been painting on porcelain for over a decade and designing and making jewelry for half a dozen years.  She learned her arts from studying many art history books and gaining know-how from several ateliers, including the French porcelaine manufacture of Sevres, the French Ecole Boulle and the Japanese jewellery school Hiko Mizuno. 



Fueled by her passion for tableware, ceramics and jewelry design Fleur d’Huytesa has found in Japan over the last ten years various sources of inspiration which she expresses in her works. 



Most of her works have been exhibited in numerous places in Japan such as the Tokyo American Club, The Orchid Salon (Suidobashi), Iki iki Plazza (Ichibancho). She has also been features in various publications including Kateigaho, Tokyo Families and The Japan Times.


Occasionally, Fleur d’Huytesa
is commissioned by individuals and establishments. 
The Hotel New Otani’s La Tour d’Argent commissioned work that was published in Kateigaho Magazine (Dec. 2005).  More recently, Fleur d’Huytesa collaborated with French restaurant Chez Olivier in Ichigaya to create dishware that complimented each course.



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